Perform a complete Vision Quality Control of your product! Thanks to our modular hardware and software architecture, it is possible to configure a Vision Inspection Solution that meets your specific requirements.

Our systems can be used for measurement of 2D shape & size, 3D height, color, topping & surface attributes. A product specific rejection mechanism can be integrated for the automatic removal of defective and out-of-specification products from the production line.


EyePro Laner

EyePro Laner is the ideal solution to provide a continuous flow of evenly laned products to your packaging machines.

  • Reduce Labor
  • Maximize throughput of packing machines
  • Flexible capabilities
    Number of lanes
    Type of products
    Size and shape of products


Line Configurations
  • Line width: from 600mm up to 1.000mm (24" - 40")
  • Straight infeed, 90° infeed
  • Product throughput: from 300 pcs/min up to 1.000 pcs/min
  • the one laning system can lane different products into different number of lanes
System Modules
  • Accumulation conveyor module
  • Laning conveyor module
  • Laning chute
  • Outfeed conveyor (option)
  • Vision System used for product flow monitoring
  • Motion Control Unit


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