Perform a complete Vision Quality Control of your product! Thanks to our modular hardware and software architecture, it is possible to configure a Vision Inspection Solution that meets your specific requirements.

Our systems can be used for measurement of 2D shape & size, 3D height, color, topping & surface attributes. A product specific rejection mechanism can be integrated for the automatic removal of defective and out-of-specification products from the production line.

Product Types
  • Bread Loaf
Measurement Capability
  • 2D/Shape&Size - length, width (accuracy: 0.5mm)
    3D/Height - peak/mean height, complete 3D profile, slope, surface texture, volume (accuracy: 0.5mm)
    Top & Bottom bake color (Lab and BCU coordinates, accuracy: 0.2 ΔE)
    Topping/Seeding - coverage, distribution, voids (accuracy: 0.5% of product surface)
    Scoring/Split/Imprint conformity check
Defects Detection Capability
  • Misshapen products
  • Out of specification products (e.g. too small, too tall, etc.)
  • Spots (light, dark, foreign material on product surface)
  • Topping defects (e.g. too little seeds, etc.)
  • Scoring defects
Available Configurations
  • On-Line - Single & Multi Lane, Line Width 300-1.100mm, Product Throughput up to 350pcs/min
Available Modules
  • Vision Module:
    Top Side 2D&Color
    Top Side 3D
    Bottom Side Color
  • Rejection Module: pneumatic pusher (single lane) or declining conveyors (multi lane) rejection mechanism 
  • Stainless Steel Frame 
  • Conveying System with modular belts
  • Control Unit:
    Industrial PC
    Industrial Touch Screen
    Stainless steel electrical cabinet
  • Inspection Software with Real Time Statistics displayed on integrated touch screen
  • Data Collection & Reporting Software
  • In-line Checkweigher Integration (optional)
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