EyePro System started up in 1999, as a spin-off company of the FBK Research Institute of Trento, 
a city in north-eastern Italy, in the heart of the Dolomites.
Since the beginning, the business of the Company was focused on Vision Technology Solutions for automatic
quality control and process control, initially ranging over diverse application fields: packaging, beverage, food.

In 2003, the first On-line Inspection and Rejection System was installed in a baking plant, and in 2004 the successful Q-Bake Series (where “Q” stands for Quality) was introduced; gradually, the core business of the Company became more and more focused on Automatic Quality Control for Food Manufacturing, with a special attention to the Baking Industry.

In 2006, through the participation to a workshop organized by Mc Donald’s during an international exhibition, the EyePro System technology got noticed and appreciated: being remarkably superior to the state-of-the-art of the times, it was considered as the “next generation technology” for Vision Inspection of baked products. That experience led to the development of projects with new Customers, with installations in Europe on high-speed hamburger bun plants, which allowed for technology evaluation by Mc Donald’s, East Balt and Fresh Start Bakeries.

2007 was a very important year for EyePro System: many players in the global baking business started to choose our Systems for Automatic Vision Quality Control in their plants; Q-Bake Systems arrived to North America, and then they gradually spread all over the world, to control hamburger buns, tortillas, bagels, flat bread.

In the same year, the EyePro North America branch offices were established, and the Q-Meat – a meat patties Inspection and Rejection System – was introduced.

In the following years, the Company’s business grew up quickly, with installations in Asia, America, Oceania, Europe and also Africa. In 2009, the EyePro Laner (a Product Handling Solution for the automatic lane balancing of buns before bulkpackers) was introduced in the market. Later, new Solutions were designed to control baguette, cookies, English muffin, pizza

2011 was the year of birth of Q-Lite Systems (smaller, more compact respect to the Q-Bake) and of EyePro VPC (Vision Process Control) Solutions, able to control the output of intermediate stages of the process, rather than only the quality of the final product.

In 2012, EyePro System USA Inc. was founded in Kansas City, MO, USA. EyePro was reaching its role of world leader in Vision Technology solutions for the Baking Industry, standing out for innovation, quality, products effectiveness and flexibility, for deep and continuously improving expertise in Automatic Vision Quality Control and for promptness and competence of their Customer Service.

In 2013, EyePro Single-Lane Inspection Systems were designed in order to be suitable for integration with flow wrappers, and new solutions were introduced to check and reject snacks and pizza crust

The following year was the time of bread loaf and raw dough stick Inspection and Rejection Systems, and of the arrival on the market of the new Multi-Lane Bread Inspection and Rejection System with integrated checkweigher.

In 2015 and 2016, EyePro has been developing new solutions for snack/patisserie and confectionary (such as chewing-gum Inspection and Rejection System and donuts Inspection System) and for Vision Process Control. This field represents the future of Automatic Vision Control: for example, in the multi-station Control Solution recently installed on a bread loaf production line in Spain, key parameters of bread loaves are checked after proofing (height profile), after baking (baking color, with automatic feedback on the oven) and right before the packaging (final quality control, with rejection of faulty products).

EyePro System comes from a story of enthusiasm, research, passion and friendship. Continuously pushing for technological innovation, and striving to give our Customers the best products and service, we are present at all the most renowned and acknowledged international exhibitions. Come visit us or contact us via phone or email to get to know our Company and Products better.



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