Product Inspection

Product Inspection

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EyePro System provides a full range of vision inspection solutions, specifically tailored for the Food Industry.

Product Inspection Solutions allow to perform a complete vision quality check of the final product, for statistical analysis and quality control, and to reject faulty products.

100% Inspection or Sampling Measurements

Vision Inspection can be accomplished either on-line (Inspection and Rejection Systems, Monitoring Systems) or off-line (Standalone Systems):



Automatic inspection 100% of the products.
A product specific rejection mechanism can
be integrated for the automatically remove
defective or out of specification
products from the production line.



Inspect of products from sampling
batches, manual feeding. They can be used
in laboratories or directly on the factory
floor, to inspect different products taken
from multiple lines.

Measurement Capabilities

EyePro Solutions are able to measure and check numerous product features, including 2D/Shape&Size, 3D/Height, Color and Surface Attributes. A set of parameters, specific for each product type, are collected by the System, providing the Customer with a full set of information regarding the top and bottom of the product.

Following, an overview on the main parameters measured and checked on the products. The photos represent the example of inspection, image processing and rejection of hamburger buns.



The technology involved to perform the Vision Inspection includes 3D Inpection Units − comprising Laser and special 3D Camera − and 2D Color Cameras.

2D Color Cameras:
  • Shape & Size
  • Color & Surface attributes
  • Topping/Seeding/Multitopping Check
    (color, quantity, distribution)
  • Scoring/Split/Imprint (if present)
  • Hole conformity check (for products with hole)
  • Toast marks (for tortillas)
  • Top & Bottom Baking Color
Laser + 3D Camera:
  • Height
  • Full 3D Profile
  • Slope
  • Point of maximum height
  • Holes presence and conformity
    (for some applications)


Furthermore, it is possible to integrate our technology with third party products such as metal detectors, checkweighers, moisture analyzers, and also to integrate the data with other information such as temperature, comments, etc. This allows to have a complete data output, ready for statistical analysis.

MULTI EYE - See beyond the visible...

Chemical Imaging On-line Inspection System for Automatic Detection and Classification of Foreign Contaminants


Materials typically not detectable with traditional technologies (metal detector, x-ray, color vision)



Hyperspectral imaging combines spectroscopy and imaging technologies from the Visible spectrum, to the Near Infrared (NIR) and up to the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) spectrum.

This combined technology offers the possibility for real-time and on-line image analysis of features which are impossible to measure with traditional inspection technologies (True Color Vision, Metal Detector and X-Ray).


Typical applications

  • Advanced foreign body detection
  • Moisture distribution
  • Product composition analysis
  • Fat content analysis
Custom Design respecting International Standards

Thanks to a modular hardware and software architecture, it is possible to configure a vision inspection solution that meets any customer specific needs, and that fits to the Customer’s production line.

customdesign before
customdesign after

Installation of a Vision Inspection and Rejection System on a cookies production line.

Our Solutions are tailored to the Customers' needs also in terms of environmental conditions: they are compatible with harsh operating condition, with air conditioning & wash down features available upon request.

Our machines are compliant with International Machinery Standards and with Safety and Food Industry Standards. All the components in contact with food are FDA approved, all the supports and frame structures are stainless steel, and the hygienic design of the Systems allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, all of the Systems equipped with a laser are Class 1 Laser Products, according to IEC-60825-1 and FDA CFR 21 regulations.


Product Specific Software

Every System features a product-specific software, that takes into account all the measurements of interest for the specific product, based on our experience and expertise. It is possible to implement new measurements, when the Customer requires. The user can set the limits of tolerance for each single measurement and enable/disable the parameter for the purposes of rejection.

Screenshots of the inspection software for Buns, Tortillas and Baguette, shown on the touch screen user interface

Real Time Data Display

While continuously monitoring a full set of product features (physical dimensions, bake color, topping, etc.), EyePro Vision Systems display the information in real time (through tables, trend charts, histograms, statistics, etc.), making them available to the line operators. In this way, a vision system becomes a powerful tool to help manage your process in real time.

Data Collection, Statistical Analysis and Reporting

EyePro System offers a set of functional modules to meet any production and management needs in terms of data collection, analysis and reporting:

  • Real time data display
  • Automatic storage on database and accessibility through a Client Software
  • Possibility of generating a full set of reports (selecting the preferred visualization,
    product type, product features of interest, inspection time, file format)
  • Automatic reports delivery to a customized recipients list
  • Data collection and integration from different sources within a bakery
    (vision, scaling, temperature, other control devices and equipment)
  • Capability to centralize data from multiple plants into a corporate data warehouse.

Real Time Data Display

Off-Line reports generation

Display on mobile devices

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