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EyePro System provides a full range of vision inspection solutions, specifically tailored for the Food Industry.
Product Handling solutions use Vision for Automatic Lane Balancing: their function is to ensure that packaging machines are feeded by a continuous flow of evenly laned products.Thanks to this type of Systems, called EyePro Laner, the Customer is able to maximize throughput, reduce labor and save cost.


Vision Technology can be used for the Automatic Lane Balancing of products before packaging lines.
EyePro Laner: working principle

The EyePro Laner is a machine designed to automatically direct a flow of randomly distributed products into evenly balanced lanes on a high speed bakery line.


The system uses the latest Vision and Advanced Motion Control Technology to control a series of modular conveyors, one corresponding to each lane. Based on product distribution information, extracted and processed by the integrated Vision System, the Laner automatically adjusts the speed of each individual conveyor, guaranteeing a costant optimization and balancing of the product flow across the lanes

With the same System, it is possible to lane different products into different number of lanes, by simply adjusting the guides on the chute and selecting different product models on the user interface.


If you combine Product Inspection and Product Handling, you will be able to measure and check your products, reject the faulty ones, lane the good ones and optimize their flow to the packaging machines.



Working principle, modules and operation of the EyePro Laner are shown and explained in the following video.

With our Product Handling Solutions, you will benefit from automatic products laning and balancing, reduction of manual product handling, maximization of line throughput and labour and cost saving. Take a look at the EyePro Laner in action on one of our Customers lines in the following video!

Lane Balancing Software

EyePro Laner features a proprietary Automatic Lane Balancing Software specifically designed; through the touch screen interface, it is possible for the user to interact with the System, observe its functioning and receive information such as the throughput or the products distribution across the lanes.

Screenshots of the Automatic Lane Balancing software, displayed on the touch screen user interface
Key Benefits:
  • Labor saving (even when not paired with an 
    inspection / rejection system)
  • Compatible with all types of baggers and bulk packers
  • Maximizes the throughput of packing machines
  • Flexible capabilities (in terms of number of lanes,
    type of products, size of products)
  • No gates or moving parts that can cause product
    jam ups or damage
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No more manual handling of products
  • No damage to products
  • Compact footprint and easy integration
    on existing lines
System Modules:
  • Accumulation conveyor module
  • Laning conveyor module
  • Laning chute
  • Outfeed conveyor (optional)
  • Vision System used for product flow monitoring
  • Motion Control Unit


Product Types
  • Bun, Bagel, English Muffin
  • Hotdog, Ciabatta
  • Bagel Thin, Sandwich Thin
  • And more…
Line Configurations:
  • Line width:
    from 600mm up to 1.000mm (24" - 40")
  • Infeed:
    Straight or 90°
  • Product throughput:
    from 300 pcs/min up to 1.000 pcs/min
  • Product type and lane number:
    one laning system can lane different
    products into different number of lanes